Sophia Milan


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Please note that screening is required before meeting so please fill out the questions below, for immediate attention please text at (917) 310-5846 or email


Screening Screening Questions For Clients That Have references/BoardMemberships/Third  Party Verification Sites  

1. Full Name


3.Do you use/belong to any review/verification site such as

The Erotic  Review

Roomservice 2000(RS2K)

Preferred 411

4.Two Provider/Agency References

(Please include detailed information like  name,email address,website,phone number,when you met and also the name of  the city you saw your reference)    

5.Date/Time/Length Of Appointment.    

6.Best Number To Reach You At.    


Screening Questions/People Who Provide Work Information     

1.Full Name    


3.Employer Name    

4.City and State Of Employment    

5.Your Position    

6.Main Office Number    

7.Date/Time/Length of Appointment.    

8.Best Number To Reach You On.